Lesley H.

"As a mother of 3, we go to lots of birthday parties! With Tachits, our gifts always stand out and they make me feel like I’m giving a really great gift!”

Reese S.

“I love the personal touch that Tachits gives to a gift. It really makes it stand out from the others. It’s fun to have the person I’m giving the gift to comment on the creative way I’ve decorated the gift as well as the actual gift.”

Heather P.

“I am definitely known for creative gift wrapping and take pride in having the cutest gift at any gift-giving occasion. I love Tachits because they always get attention from everyone. It makes me feel like I’m giving something really special.”

 Chrissi M.

“I love to go out of my way to buy meaningful gifts. So when I go to a birthday party/baby shower, where there are lots of gifts on one table, I want to make sure my card stays attached to my gift. With Tachits I know for sure the recipient will know it’s from me.”

Brittany W.

“I love that Tachits stay looking perfect after many uses. I use gift bags so much more than actually wrapping presents in a box, and Tachits store really easily in my gift wrap drawer without getting damaged.”